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Regular hosting is dead. With mobile devices becoming the norm, we need our websites to load super fast. The best way of doing this is to host your website in the cloud.

What is Cloud Hosting?

With Cloud Hosting, your website is not hosted at only one location, but at several places around the world. When a visitor visits your website, they are shown the website hosted at their closest location. This means a huge decrease in the load time of your website.

We all know how we hate slow loading websites. We rather click out than wait a few seconds. With Cloud Hosting this effect is reduced dramatically.

With Cloud Hosting you also never worry about your website going down either. If one hosting location goes down, your website will simply be served up from another.

Our Cloud Hosting Services

Are designed to adjust to the needs of your website. If you are having a busy spell, the resources allocated to your website automatically adjust upward ensuring you don't lose that all important customer.

As our servers are constantly optimising the amount of resources your website needs, we are able to offer an awesome hosting deal:

Note: Our Cloud Hosting is only available if we have designed your website

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